Royal Game of Ur in Maya

The game board inside of Maya

The Royal Game of Ur is an ancient babelonian board game. I discovered it through this video from the British Museum, starring Tom Scott:

I was just learning Python at the time, and was inspired to recreate the board game in Maya. The game is fully functional, and could very well be the only existing functional board game that runs inside of Maya!

The game is played by two people, by selecting the various pieces and dice when it is your turn. Selecting a piece triggers the action that is tied to it, so for the dice that would be rolling, for the pieces, that would be moving the number of spaces shown by the dice.

To win, one must race all 7 of their pieces around the board and to the end. If you land on a rosette tile, you get to roll again. However if the other player lands on one of your pieces when they are not on one of these tiles, you return to the start. The strategy of the game comes from choosing which of your pieces to move in response to the dice roll.

To begin, enter the following into a python tab in the script editor, or to a shelf button:

import UrGame
ur = UrGame.urgamescript.UR_GameMgr()

Keep the script editor open for help.

You can download the game from here